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The Marriage Ministry

The situation of families and how The Marriage Course can help

The family existed before school, government and even church! Surveys and statistics on the family in our country are stinging and painful. In our country, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. Another important aspect is that many couples choose cohabitation, rather than marriage, as their lifestyle. Thousands of children are housed in boarding schools, while parents are at work or separated.

We, as children of God, we see the reality in these figures and we recognize that we live in a time of moral and spiritual decay, and the most affected place is the home, the family. The family is supposed to be the environment which educates us, prepares us, and forms our character.

What is important work with families? Why is it important to work in the family?
Every man and every woman who is already married, and those who are planning to be married, should be aware that the family in a way is the image of heaven.

  • Each family gets its name from God – Ephesians 3:14-19
  •  The family is first and oldest institution created by God – Gen. 2
  • The family is the image and shadow of heavenly things – Hebrew 8: 5

What is it?

The Marriage Course is a series of eight sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship.

It’s a great opportunity to spend time together as a couple looking at the important issues in your marriage.

The Marriage Course is very practical and will help equip you with the tools needed to build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Each week you are given the opportunity to enjoy a special meal together and listen to a talk. Then there is plenty of time to discuss the topic as a couple. There is no group work involved at any stage of the course.

The Marriage Course is now being run in 60 countries and we hope you will be able to find one at a church near you.

Who designed the course?

The course was started by Nicky and Sila Lee in 1996. The Lees are on the staff at Holy Trinity Brompton – the London church that started the Alpha course. They have been married for over 30 years and have four children.

They have spoken to thousands on the subject of marriage and are the co-authors of The Marriage Book which has sold over 52,000 copies since it was published in 2000. They run The Marriage Course three times a year at Holy Trinity Brompton with around 100 couples on each course.

Who’s it for?

It is for any married couple who wants to work together at and invest in their relationship.It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for less than two years or more than thirty.If you have a strong marriage this course will help you make it even better and will reinforce your good habits.If on the other hand your marriage is in difficulty, the course will help provide you with very practical tools to help you work through the issues. Some couples who are separated have used the course as a way of trying to get back together.While the course is based on Christian principles couples are welcome with or without a church background. Many couples who are not churchgoers have enjoyed and benefited from doing the course.

What’s involved?

Dinner – each evening starts with a meal. Over a candlelit dinner there’s an opportunity to spend time together as a couple or with other couples.

Talk – each evening a talk is given. In some venues they will use videos for the talks and in others a couple will give the talks themselves.

Coffee and discussion time – during the talk there are exercises for you to do together as a couple. Every effort is made to make sure your conversations aren’t being overheard and music is played in the background. During the longest exercise you are served coffee or tea and cake.

Homework – at the end of each session you will be given some homework to do together before the next session. It isn’t looked at by anyone else and is just for your own benefit to help you continue your discussion at home.

Talk titles

  • Building Strong Foundations
  • The Art of Communication
  • Resolving Conflict
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Parents and In-Laws
  • Good Sex
  • Love in Action
  • The Marriage Course Party – What makes a Marriage Work?

What’s the cost?

A basic charge is made to cover the cost of the meals and materials.

The cost of the course will vary at different locations. Please check with your local course to find out what they charge.

Contact us by e-mail: or by phone:  253 332 4577  Petru & Viorica Bragaru

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